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Avoid premature aging rays from the sun
& still achieve a deep, dark, natural looking tan..

The Infinity Sun Airbrush Service is customized for each person..
This fast acting spray tan treatment goes on with a fine mist,
leaves no streaks, & lasts about 5-10 days!


Infinity Sun Anti-aging sunless tanning is an all natural sunless tanner,
made with anti-oxidants and pure botanicals,
that leave your skin radiant, with a natural-looking golden brown glow.


Before you indulge your skin in the ultimate sunless tanning experience,
request the "PREP" solution..
This PH balance prep spray has a unique aloe blend that hydrates all areas of the body..
allowing for a longer lasting, better wearing tan.



Use Infinity Sun products to rejuvenate your skin
& prolong the length and wear of your gorgeous glow..

Infinity Sun's Hydrating Extender-
This lotion contains the highest quality of antioxidants, botanicals, and DHA.
Designed to keep skin soft and silky-looking.. & will help extend the life of your tan.


Infinity Sun's Exfoliant-
This gentle, skin-renewing formula polishes and exfoliates with natural, non-abrasive pineapple fruit enzyme.
By removing non-vital skin cells at the end of their lifecycle,
the exfoliant smoothes the surface of the skin,
leaving only young and healthy skin cells to exhibit a flawless, long-lasting sunless tan!


Infinity Sun's Glow on the Go-
Revitalize your skin and create an infinitely sumptuous tan with the Infinity Sun Glow on the Go aerosol.
Containing only the most natural ingredients, without harmful propellants or alcohol,
Infinity Sun Glow on the Go is propelled by air, so it is as safe for the skin as it is for the environment.
Enriched with essential oils, antioxidants and botanicals, your skin will be left soft, supple and radiant.
Look as if you have just come in from basking in the sun...
Also, Great for touch ups & maintaining/prolonging your custom airbrush tan!


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